UCLA @ LabPhon13 (Stuttgart, Germany)

LabPhon 13 took place this year in Stuttgart, Germany, from July 27-29. UCLA was very well-represented:

  • Bruce Hayes, The role of computational modeling in the study of sound structure (invited talk)
  • Marc Garellek, “A reanalysis of glottal stops and glottalization in English” (poster)
  • Marc Garellek, “Importance of coding the Utterance domain in prosodic transcriptions” (poster at the satellite workshop on Advancing Prosodic Transcription)
  • Pat Keating, Christina Esposito (alumna, now at Macalester College, MN), Marc Garellek, Sameer Khan (alumnus, now at Reed College, Oregon) and Jianjing Kuang, “Multi-dimensional phonetic space for phonation contrasts” (poster)
  • Jamie White, “On the learnability of saltatory phonological alternations” (poster)

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