Bowers @ 44th Algonquian Conference

Dustin Bowers will be presenting part of his MA work at the 44th Algonquian Conference to be held at the University of Chicago this week, 25th-28th October. His talk is entitled: Phonological restructuring in Odawa.


UCLA @ CUSP 5 in San Diego

The 5th California Universities Semantics and Pragmatics (CUSP 5) will be held at UCSD on October 27 – 28, 2012. UCLA faculty and graduate students will be well-represented:

Natasha Korotkova: Evidentiality in Georgian
Deniz Ozyildiz: When I is not me: A preliminary case study of shifted indexicals in Turkish
Philippe Côté-Boucher: Beyond the King of France: Alternative ways to look into existence presuppositions
Lauren Winans: Inquisitive and non-inquisitive disjunctions
Jessica Rett: Mirativity across constructions and theories

Hilda Koopman @ USC and Cornell

Hilda Koopman was recently invited to the USC Undergraduate Linguistics Conference on October 12, where she  introduced the audience to the the Syntactic Structure of the World’s Languages (SSWL and Terraling) database project. The slides can be found here.

She will also be heading out to Cornell for the  Workshop on Suspended Affixation on October 26-27, where she will talk about Morpheme Ordering, and the Syntax-Phonology Interface