Phonology Seminar 10/31 – Shigeko Shinohara and Yu Tanaka

Visitor Shigeko Shinohara and graduate student Yu Tanaka will be presenting ongoing work on White Hmong in Phonology seminar this week.

Speaker: Shigeko Shinohara (Sophia University, Japan) and Yu Tanaka
Date/Time: Wednesday, October 31, 4-6pm
Location: Campbell 2122
Title: Coda Adaptation By The Codaless Tone Language White Hmong: Experimental Results
Contact: Kie Zuraw


AIS 10/30 – Karen Dakin, Universidad Autonoma De Mexico

Visitor Karen Dakin from Universidad Autonoma De Mexico will be presenting in American Indian Seminar this week.

Speaker: Karen Dakin
Date/Time: Tuesday, October 30, 1-2pm
Location: Campbell 2122
Title: TBA
Contact: Pam Munro

Phonetics Seminar 10/29 – Jamie White

Jamie White will be presenting in Phonetics Seminar this week. His talk is entitled “Infant Biases In The Learning Of Phonological Alternations.” This is a practice talk for the upcoming BUCLD.

Speaker: Jamie White
Date/Time: Monday, October 29, 4-6pm
Location: Campbell 2101K
Title: Infant Biases In The Learning Of Phonological Alternations
Contact: Megha Sundara

Congratulations to Bruce, Colin and Anne!

The LSA Executive Committee voted to award the 2013 Best Paper in Language Award (for Volume 88, published in 2012) to Bruce Hayes, Colin Wilson (Johns Hopkins) and Anne Shisko for their  jointly-authored paper “Maxent Grammars for the Metrics of Shakespeare and Milton”. They will receive the award at the LSA Annual Meeting in Boston on January 5, 2013.

Congratulations Bruce, Colin and Anne!