Colloquium: Friday 01/11, Karen Emmorey (SDSU)

Alumna Karen Emmorey (SDSU) will give a colloquium talk this Friday in Public Affairs 2270, at 11 a.m. As always, a social hour will follow at 1 pm in Campbell 2122. The title of the talk is: The Psycholinguistic and Neural Consequences of Bimodal Bilingualism

Location: Public Affairs 2270 (Please note the change in location from last quarter)
Time: Friday, January 11, 11-1pm
Contact: Pat Keating/Margaret Kroll/Margit Bowler

Please see her abstract below:

Bimodal bilinguals, fluent in a signed and a spoken language, exhibit a unique form of bilingualism because their two languages access distinct sensory-motor systems for comprehension and production. When a bilingual’s languages are both spoken, the two languages compete for articulation (only one language can be spoken at a time), and both languages are perceived by the same perceptual system: audition. Differences between unimodal and bimodal bilinguals have implications for how the brain might be organized to control, process, and represent two languages. In this talk, I highlight recent results that illustrate what bimodal bilinguals can tell us about language processing and about the functional neural organization for language.


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