Jun at UMass

Sun-Ah Jun writes:

I will be giving a talk at the Workshop on Explicit and Implicit Prosody in Sentence Processing, at Univ. of Massachusetts, in May 30-31, which is organized by Lyn Frazier to celebrate the contribution of Janet Fodor to the field of sentence processing. 

A preliminary program can be found in http://courses.umass.edu/kbj/prosodywork.pdf

My talk title is “Prosodic Priming and Individual Differences”.

Sundara in Journal of Child Language

Megha Sundara was a co-author on a recently published article in Journal of Child Language. The reference is as follows:

Thierry Nazzi, Karima Mersad, Megha Sundara, Galina Iakimova, Linda Polka (2013). Early word segmentation in infants acquiring Parisian French: task-dependent and dialect-specific aspects.

View it online here: http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayAbstract?fromPage=online&aid=8913705

Congratulations Megha!