The Demise of the Two-Sided Clocks

Pat Keating writes:

The hallways of many campus buildings, including Campbell, have two-sided clocks. Over the summer ours all stopped working on one side. It turns out that this was systematic. This campus news story describes how most campus clocks have been gradually converted to the Visiplex system of radio control. The story cheerfully notes the elimination of staff costs for manually resetting all the clocks twice a year – BUT it fails to note that, apparently, a Visiplex system can only control one side of two-sided clocks! All over campus, while half of the clocks are in sync to the millisecond, the other half are right only twice a day. To limit confusion, and as a piece of performance art, the defunct face of the clock near the Phonetics Lab has been obscured:




Fall Quarter starts! Welcome new students!

The UCLA Linguistics blog is back!

This Fall we welcome 6 new graduate students, 3 new departmental scholars and 2 visiting students.

Incoming class of graduate students:

1) Nikolas Angelopoulos (Cambridge University)
2) Ann Bailey (UCLA Spanish & Portuguese)
3) Eleanor Glewwe (Swarthmore College)
4) Yuhi Inoue (Kobe City University)
5) Sozen Ozkan (Syracuse University)
6) Adeline Tan (National University of Singapore)

Departmental scholars:

1) Justin Craft
2) John DeMartini
3) Adam King

Visiting students:

1) Sabina Matyiku (Yale University)
2) Cai Yu Wang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

More summer news to follow.