Prosodic Typology II is out!

Modified repost from the the Department’s news page:

Professor Sun-Ah Jun has cemented her reputation as one of the world’s leading intonation experts with her massive (600 page) edited volume Prosodic Typology II:  The Phonology of Intonation and Phrasing, just out with Oxford University Press. This is the second book in a series, and covers the systems of intonation and phrasing in Catalan, Bengali, Tamil, Georgian, Mongolian, West Greenlandic, Dalabon, Jamaican Creole, Papiamentu, nonstandard Dutch dialects, Lebanese and Egyptian Arabic, Basque, and nonstandard Japanese dialects. There are also chapters on methodology and typology. A substantial part of the book is by Sun-Ah herself, who wrote or co-wrote three chapters. Former graduate students Chad Vicenik (Ph.D., 2011) and Sameer Khan (Ph.D., 2008. Now at Reed) also contributed chapters on Georgian and Bengali respectively.

Congratulations, Sun-Ah!

The book:


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