UCLA Linguists at WCCFL 32 (at USC)

UCLA was well-represented at the most recent WCCFL across town at USC. Both present and former students were well-represented. Yael Sharvit gave one of the of the invited talks. Her talk was entitled “Non-definite Definites”.

Jesse Zymet: “Distance-Based Decay in Long-Distance Phonological Processes”

Canan Ipek (USC) & Sun-Ah Jun: “Marking prosodic prominence in Turkish”

Isabelle Charnavel (Ph.D. 2012, now at Harvard) & Victoria Mateu: “Antilogophoricity in Clitic Clusters”

Vincent Homer (Ph.D. 2011, now at CNRS) & Carlo Geraci, CNRS: “Decomposing Negative Modals into their Syntactic Atoms”

Vincent Homer (Ph.D. 2010 now at CNRS): “Anatomy of ‘ne que’”


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