Welcome new graduate students!

The department welcomes a large class of 14 incoming graduate students this year! Read more about them below!

Maayan Abenina-Adar (M.A. McGill):

Research interests: (Morpho-)Syntax, Tagalog

Daniela Culinovic (M.A. Hawai’i):

Research interests: Syntax, semantics, language acquisition

Greg DeFehr (B.A., M.A. CSU Fresno):

Research interests: Phonology, phonetics, and language documentation (have for the time being focused on Native California Indian languages).
My hobbies/interests are quickly abandoning new hobbies/interests for even newer hobbies/interests. Also movies, video/tabletop games, and the internet

Scott Gaines (B.A. Missouri):

Research interests: I am interested in typology, morpho-syntax, especially in Native American languages, and in child acquisition of complex morpho-syntactic phenomena.

Megan Gotowski (M.A. UNC-Chapel Hill):

Research interests: Syntax, semantics, language acquisition

Yoo Kyung Kang (B.A. UCLA):

Research interests: Phonetics, intonation, language acquisition
Hobbies: I spent part of my life in Guam, I really love summer and spending time at the beach (snorkeling, scuba diving, tanning, etc).

Isabelle Lin (M.A., ENS/LCSP):

Research interests: I am generally interested in tone languages, second language acquisition and modeling speech recognition, but I expect to find more interests soon!
Hobbies: I like to draw and craft when I have time!

Iara Mantenuto (M.A. Syracuse):

Research interests: Morphosyntax, fieldwork
Hobbies: Yoga, reading, movies, hiking and photography

Brice Roberts (B.A. Reed):

Research interests: Phonetics/Phonology of Chinese languages, tone
Fun facts: I’m pretty double-jointed and I worked in a remote car motor factory for a while.

Megan Risdal (M.A. NC State):

Research interests: Phonetics, Phonology, language variation/change
Hobbies: Watching sci-fi & horror movies, enjoying craft beer and good food
Fun fact: “I’m from Minnesota and my favourite vowel is /æ/”

Adam Royer (B.A. OSU):

Research interests: Phonetics, psycholinguistics, and prosody.
Hobbies include photography, writing, and drawing. Basically just art making.

Deborah Wong (B.A. UCL, M.A. Cantab):

Research interests: Syntax (locality, ellipsis, binding) but is looking forward to exploring more stuff like field work, computational linguistics and phonetics/phonology
As for fun facts, I do ballet and watch lots of ballets. I like karaoke as well but I can’t sing to save my life.

Meng Yang (M.A. Ottawa):

Research interests: Phonology, fieldwork

Viiu Wichman (B.A. Michigan State):

Research interests: Syntax




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