UCLA linguists at NELS 45 @ MIT

The 45th annual meeting of the Northeast Linguistics Society (NELS) takes place this weekend at MIT. A number of UCLA linguists (current and former) will be in attendance. You can find their talk or poster titles below! In particular, Kie Zuraw will deliver an invited talk entitled: Phonotactics and alternations in the diachronic development of trochaic shortening in Central Pacific.
Children’s comprehension of syntactically encoded evidentiality
Lauren Winans, Nina Hyams, Jessica Rett (UCLA), Laura Kalin (Ph.D. 2014, now at UConn)
The perceptual basis of the skewed distributions of Japanese palatalized consonants
Yu Tanaka (UCLA)
Explaining children’s Wh-in situ questions: Against economy
Misha Becker (Ph.D. 2000, now at UNC), Megan Gotowski (UCLA)
A new approach to the origin of Germanic strong preterites
Ryan Sandell (UCLA – Indo-European Program), Sam Zukoff (MIT)

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