Pam Munro elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Pam Munro has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences! The announcement from the AAAS can be found here:

She joins UCLA colleague, Ed Keenan, who was elected in 2009.

Congratulations Pam! What an honor!


Talks at BUCLD 2014

UCLA linguists and alumni of the department will be giving a number of presentations at the annual Boston University Conference on Language Development this weekend.


18-month-olds compensate for a phonological alternation
Adam Chong (UCLA) and Megha Sundara (UCLA)

Pause Trumps All: A Corpus-Based Study on Prosodic Boundary Cues in Japanese Child-Directed Speech.
B. Ludusan, A. Martin (Ph.D. 2007, now at RIKEN Tokyo), R. Mazuka, A. Cristia, E. Dupoux

Explaining Children’s Wh-In Situ Questions: Against Economy
M. Becker (Ph.D. 2000, now at UNC-Chapel Hill), M. Gotowski (UCLA)

Acquisition of the Korean reflexive pronouns in intra-sentential binding and extra-sentential binding
Kum-Jeong Joo, Kamil Deen (Ph.D. 2002 Applied Ling, now at U. of Hawaii-Manoa), William O’Grady


6-month-olds can segment and decompose morphologically-complex words
Yun Jung Kim (UCLA) and Megha Sundara (UCLA)

Young infants’ discrimination of subtle phonetic contrasts
M. Sundara (UCLA), C. Ngon, K. Skoruppa, N. Feldman, G. Onario, J. Morgan, S. Peperkamp

Overgeneration of indefinite articles in Autism and SLI
Jeannette Schaeffer (Ph.D. 1997, now at U. of Amsterdam), Merel Van Witteloostuijn, Doatske De Haan

Jun gives talk at Hunan University

Sun-Ah Jun writes:

In Oct. 18, 2014, I gave a talk, titled “Prosodic Typology”, at Hunan University in Changsha, China, as one of the four keynote speakers on phonetics. The university was sponsoring two conferences, ICPRLL (International Conference on Phonetic Research and Language Learning) and EPCC (English Phonetic Conference in China). So, I could meet many researchers and students working on language acquisition as well as phonetics. Their website is  After the conference, I also gave a 3 hour lecture on Intonational Phonology and ToBI to the graduate students and faculty in the Linguistics Department at Hunan University. I was surprised to learn that they were so eager to learn ToBI :-).