Farewell to Anya Mancillas and Jessika Herrera! Welcome Hadley Stork!

We recently bid farewell to two of our department staff members, Jessika Herrera (undergraduate advisor) and Anya Mancillas (Lab Manager).

Jessika will be taking up a similar position in Comparative Literature.  Jessika has done an amazing job for us and will be greatly missed.  She wrote to me, “I’ve really valued my time in Linguistics, and will truly miss working with the faculty and students.” 

Anya will be doing a post-bac year, prepping for graduate school in Speech and Language Pathology.  She writes, “I have truly loved working with all the amazing staff, faculty and students in the department! Thank you to everyone who has made my experience here so enjoyable! I will miss working with you all.”

We extend a warm welcome to Hadley Stork, who will be taking over as Lab Manager. Here is a short introduction from Hadley:

Hello! My name is Hadley Stork (née Vogt). I worked in the lab as a Research Assistant for two years while I was an undergraduate at UCLA. I then worked at Google/Adecco for a bit before returning to Los Angeles to earn a Master’s in Linguistics at CSUN. My linguistic research focuses on how children learn languages, particularly how they acquire the sounds of a language. When I am not doing linguistic work, I am usually watching movies with my film scholar husband or trying out new cuisine.



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