2015 AMP Presentations

The 2015 Annual Meeting on Phonology took place last weekend in Vancouver, Canada. It was held jointly by UBC and Simon Fraser U. Kie Zuraw was one of the plenary speakers with her talk entitled: Morphologically complex words: pure reduction vs. structure

Adam Chong also gave a poster presentation: The relationship between static and dynamic generalizations in learning.

Recent alumnus James White (Ph.D. 2013, now at UCL, London) also gave a co-authored presentation with Heng Yin (UCL): Neutralization avoidance and naturalness in learning of palatalization.


Incoming Students Introduction 2015-2016

This year we have a number of new students joining the department. Below is a mini-bio for each one:

Luke West
Coming from University of Toronto
Research interests: phonetics (lexical tone and intonation, phonation) and phonology (tone and phonation features, tonal underspecification, and feature hierarchy in tone systems)
Luke likes the piano, accordion, and making language-learning games

Jacob Adams
Coming from UC Davis
Research interests: phonology, morphology, and historical linguistics
Jacob enjoys reading science fiction and bike riding.

Maura O’Leary
Coming from UC Santa Cruz
Research interests: semantics (currently temporal reference), syntax, morphology, and field work.
Maura spends her time dancing Argentine tango and blues fusion. She also enjoys singing, playing the ukulele, aerial silks, and decorative napkin folding.

Richard Stockwell
Coming from University of Cambridge, Pembroke College
Research interests: syntax
Richard was at every game of Cambridge United F.C’s glorious 2014-15 F.A. Cup run.

Hendrik Kim
Coming from Michigan State University
Research interests: syntax, semantics, and their interface
Hendrik worked as a translator/interpreter for the Pok√©mon World Championships, as a bike mechanic, and as a line cook (“friturier”, to be specific).

Travis Major
Coming from University of Kansas
Research interests: syntax, morphology, and field work
Travis enjoys the hiking, camping, and backpacking and has never completed an entire school year (including at the university level) without a snow day.

Marju Kaps
Coming from University of Edinburgh
Research interests: psycholinguistics, syntax, semantics and philosophy of language.
As a teenager, Marju worked as a fashion model in Paris, Milan and Barcelona.

Rachel Jacobson
Coming from UC Santa Cruz
Research interests: phonetics, phonology, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics
Rachel likes archery, League of Legends, bad movies/TV, and dogs.

We are also welcoming 2 departmental scholars:

Ann Zeng
Research interests: Mandarin syntax and semantics
Ann is a freelance artist and musician, and her latest project was a collaboration on a Final Fantasy 7 remix album to be released October 2015!

Eunice Liu
Research interests: phonetics, phonology, and neurolinguistics
Eunice loves doing molecular gastronomy experiments in her kitchen.