Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Program Awardees

11 of our graduate students have been awarded the Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Program (GSRM), 4 of whom are receiving the GSRM for a second time. The program supports students so that they may pursue a research project with a faculty mentor over the summer, culminating in a paper in the fall.

Awardees will receive $6,000 stipend, and if they present results of the mentored activities at a conference, they will be reimbursed up to $500 toward travel expenses. All travel must occur during the academic year (Oct. 2016-June 2017).

The awardees are:

Jacob Adams, Rachel Jacobson, Hendrick Kim, Travis Major, Iara Mantenuto, Brice Roberts, Adam Royer, Richard Stockwell, Luke West, Deborah Wong, and Meng Yang

Congratulations to all, and good luck with your projects!



Brian Smith accepts Visiting Assistant Professor position at UCSC!

Brian Smith, who has been a lecturer in the department for the last two years, has just accepted a position as Visiting Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Linguistics at UC Santa Cruz, starting Fall 2016. We look forward to having him still on the West Coast!
Congratulations Brian!

Annual Conference on African Linguistics at Berkeley

Several of our students and faculty recently presented at the Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL 47).


Harold Torrence: Subject oriented complementizer agreement in Ibibio

John Gluckman: Taking time in Logooli

Travis Major: Serial verb constructions in Ibibio

Travis Major (with Philip Duncan and Mfon Udoinyang): Verb and predicate coordination in Ibibio

John Gluckman and Margit Bowler: Expletive agreement, evidentiality, and modality in Logooli



Eleanor Glewwe: Logoori hiatus resolution: A new analysis


SCAMP: Southern California April Meeting on Phonology was held at UCSD over the weekend (thank you to Eric Baković (UCSD) for organizing it!). A number of UCLA phonologists had talks/posters:

Adam Chong: Looking under the hood: Korean palatalization and derived environment effects

Stephanie Shih (UC Merced) & Kie Zuraw: Phonological conditions on Tagalog adjective-noun word order
Brian Smith: Phonologically-conditioned variation in English function words

Robert Daland: Speech perception is not isomorphic to loanword adaptation: Evidence from Korean
Yu Tanaka: Rendaku in Japanese surnames revisited: Just pretending to be monomorphemic!
Jesse Zymet: Irreducible parallelism in phonology

Byron Ahn and Laura Kalin accept positions at Princeton

Byron Ahn (Ph.D. 2015) and Laura Kalin (Ph.D. 2014) have both accepted tenure-track positions in linguistics at Princeton University. Byron is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Swarthmore College, while Laura is currently a post-doctoral fellow at UConn. They will be joining former department visitor Florian Lionnet (UC Berkeley) as new faculty in the department.

Congratulations Byron and Laura!