Speech Prosody 2016 at Boston University

Speech Prosody 2016 was held this year at Boston University from May 31st through June 3rd. A number of UCLA students and graduates were in attendance to present their work.


Sun-Ah Jun (center) joined by some of her UCLA students;(from left to right) Jianjing Kuang, Byron Ahn, Motoko Ueyama, Adam Royer, Kristine Yu, Jason Bishop, and Xing (Elly) Liu


Jianjing Kuang, Yixuan Guo and Mark Liberman: Voice quality as a pitch-range indicator

Rose Hurley and Jason Bishop: Prosodic and individual influences on the interpretation of “only”

Jason Bishop: Individual differences in top-down and bottom-up prominence perception

Darlene Intlekofer and Jason Bishop: The role of prosody in conditioning Tagalog o/u variation

Byron Ahn: The role of syntax in the Nuclear Stress Rule

Motoko Ueyama: Prosodic transfer in L2 relative prominence distribution: The case study of Japanese pitch accent produced by Italian learners

Xing (Elly) Liu and Xiaoxiang Chen: The acquisition of English pitch accents by Mandarin Chinese speakers as affected by boundary tones

Jesse Harris, Sun-Ah Jun and Adam Royer: Implicit prosody pulls its weight: Recovery from garden path sentences


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