Burnett heads to Toronto….then CNRS!

Heather Burnett (Ph.D. 2012) who is currently a post-doctoral researcher on the Syntactic Microvariation of the Romance Languages of France project within the CLLE-ERSS will be a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow in the Sociolinguistics Lab at the University of Toronto in the Fall. Following this, in 2016, she will be taking up a permanent research scientist position at the CNRS housed in the Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle at the Université de Paris 7 – Denis Diderot.

Congratulations Heather! This is fantastic news!


Phonologists at 23 MFM

Some of our phonologists made the hop across the pond to Manchester to attend the 23rd annual Manchester Phonology Meeting (or mfm). Jesse Zymet gave a talk: A case for parallelism: reduplicative possessives in Maragoli.

And Brian Smith gave a poster presentation: A unified constraint-based account of the English indefinite article.

Alumnus, Jamie White (Ph.D. 2013, now at UCL) also gave a talk with Suzanne Robillard (U. Ottawa): Variable schwa realization in Canadian French: a MaxEnt grammar approach

Keating at ASA in Pittsburgh

In a bit of old news, the spring meeting of the Acoustical Society of America occurred in Pittsburgh 18 May – 22 May. Pat Keating gave a talk in the special session organized in celebration of Ken Stevens’s contribution to speech communication. She also had a poster presentation together with Jody Kreiman (Head & Neck Surgery, UCLA), Soo Jin Park (Dept. of Electrical Eng., UCLA), Shaghayegh Rastifar (Dept. of Electrical Eng., UCLA) & Abeer Alwan (Dept. of Electrical Eng. UCLA).

The titles of the presentations are listed below:

Pat Keating. Ken Stevens and linguistic phonetics.
Presented in special session at Spring Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, “Celebration of Kenneth N. Stevens’ Contributions to Speech Communication”

Jody Kreiman (Head & Neck Surgery, UCLA), Pat Keating, Soo Jin Park (Dept. of Electrical Eng., UCLA), Shaghayegh Rastifar (Dept. of Electrical Eng., UCLA) & Abeer Alwan (Dept. of Electrical Eng. UCLA). Within-and Between-Talker Variability in Voice Quality in Normal Speaking Situations.

Chicago Linguistic Society 51 this week

A number of UCLA linguists (and alumni) will be presenting at this week’s 51st Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society.

Eleanor Glewwe: Tonal Assignment in English Loanwords in Mandarin Chinese

Margit Bowler: “Might be something”: Information protection in central Australia

Hannah Sarvasy: Monolingual fieldwork in and beyond the classroom: the Logooli experience at UCLA

Isabelle Charnavel (Ph.D. 2012, now at Harvard) and Christina Zlogar (Harvard): English Reflexive Logophors

Adam Jardine (Delaware) & Jeffrey Heinz (Ph.D. 2007, University of Delaware): Markedness constraints are negative: An autosegmental constraint definition language

Margit, Hannah and Eleanor even had some time try out the local eats!


GLOW in Paris

Robert Daland will be presenting a paper at GLOW (Generative Linguistics in the Old World) which is taking place in Paris, France, this week. His paper is entitled: Even though the sound of it is really quite atrocious: Finiteness and well-defined probabilities in phonotactic learning

He will be joined by a couple of UCLA alumni:

Thomas Graf (Ph.D. 2013, now at Stony Brook U.) and Jeffrey Heinz (Ph.D. 2007, now at U. Delaware)Commonality in disparity: The computational view of syntax and phonology
Jane Chandlee (Center for Pediatric Auditory and Speech Sciences (CPASS), Nemours Biomedical Research), Jeffrey Heinz (Ph.D. 2007, now at U. Delaware), and Adam Jardine (U. Delaware): Representing and learning opaque maps with strictly local functions

UCLA linguists at WCCFL 33 @ Simon Fraser U.

UCLA is well-represented by both current and former students at this week’s WCCFL at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.


Amanda Ritchart (former undergraduate, now Ph.D. student at UCSD), Grant Goodall (UCSD) and Marc Garellek (Ph.D. 2013, now at UCSD), Prosody and the that-trace effect: an experimental study.

Byron Ahn (Ph.D. 2015, now at Boston U.) Out-sourcing internal arguments.

John Gluckman. Decomposing morphological number in local contexts.

Jason Kandybowicz (Ph.D. 2006, now at U. of Kansas) & Harold Torrence (Ph.D. 2005, now at U. of Kansas, joining UCLA in Fall 2015). Two probes, one goal, different copies: There’s no wrong way to front a predicate in Krachi.

Poster presentations:

Isabelle Charnavel (Ph.D. 2012, now at Harvard). Let you be bound to me (and me to you).

Laura Kalin (Ph.D. 2014, now at UConn). Morphological reversal in Amadiya (Neo-Aramaic) as late-agreement.