New books by Rett and Schuh

Congratulations to Jessica Rett and Russ Schuh on the publication of their new books. Jessica’s book, The Semantics of Evaluativity, is published by Oxford University Press and was acclaimed by many distinguished outside reviewers during her recent tenure review. It is now available on!

Russ Schuh is a co-author of Bole-English Dictionary and English-Bole Wordlist, just published by University of California Press. His collaborator on this project is former student Ahaji Maina Gimba (Ph.D. 2000). This is a book has likewise been highly praised for its major contribution to scholarship on Chadic languages. It is also available on

To read more about each book feel free to visit the department’s announcement page:

Congratulations Jessica and Russ!


Hot off the press: Pam Munro in the news

Pam Munro recently wrote on article for Zócalo Public Square on revitalizing Tongva, the American Indian language originally spoken in the L.A. Basin. This article was also picked up yesterday by both The Washington Post and Time! Congratulations Pam!

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Summer Happeings II: Publications & Awards

Graf awarded the Beth Prize!

In August, Thomas Graf (Ph.D. 2012, now at Stony Brook) was awarded the Beth Prize for best dissertation in Logic, Language and Linguistics for 2013, which includes a cash prize and publication offer. Read more about the Beth Prize here:

Congratulations Thomas!

 New NSF grant for Keating and colleagues

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A new UCLA project by the self-styled “Voice Science Consortium” – Abeer Alwan (Electrical Engineering), Jody Kreiman (Head & Neck Surgery) and Pat Keating – has been awarded $200,000 for the year beginning August 1. The project, “Variance and Invariance in Voice Quality” aims to better understand how voices vary both within and between people. The primary research question of the project is this: Under normal daily life variability, how often does a person sound less like him- or herself and more like someone else? A database of 200 UCLA undergraduates, performing a variety of speech tasks across multiple recording sessions, will be collected in the Phonetics Lab. An acoustic “voice profile” for each speaker will be calculated, and an overall space across all the speakers derived. The location and variability of each speaker’s voice relative to all the other speakers will allow predictions about how confusable different voices should be. Initial work on the project has already begun, with help from Henry Tehrani (department engineer), Anya Mancillas (department lab coordinator) and Brenda Garcia (undergraduate research assistant).

Congratulations Pat and colleagues!

UCLA Working Papers 18 published

Carson Schutze writes: UCLAWPL 18 was published (on the web and now also as a hardback book). You can find the publication here:

This work was in memory of Sarah Van Wagenen.

Susie Curtiss has a new paper in press!

Monika Połczyńska, Susan Curtiss, Partricia Walshaw, Prahba Siddarth, Chris Benjamin, Brian Moseley, Celia Vigil, Michael Jones, Dawn Eliashiv & Susan Bookheimer (in press). Grammar tests increase the ability to lateralize language function in the Wada test.

Morgan Tfelt awarded Undergraduate Research Scholars Program Scholarship

Undergraduate, Morgan Tfelt, has been awarded an Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP) scholarship to work with Megha Sundara for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Congratulations Morgan!

White & Sundara in Cognition

Jamie White’s (Ph.D. 2013, now at UCL, previously Ottawa) and Megha Sundara’s paper, Biased generalization of newly learned phonological alternations by 12-month-old infants, just came out in Cognition. Congratulations Jamie and Megha!

White, J. & Sundara, M. (2014). Biased generalization of newly learned phonological alternations by 12-month-old infants. Cognition, 133(1), 85-90.

Sundara published in JCL

Megha Sundara is a co-author on a paper that recently appeared in the May Issue of Journal of Child Language.

Thierry Nazzi, Karima Mersad, Megha Sundara, Galina Iakimova, Linda Polka. (2014). Early word segmentation in infants acquiring Parisian French: task-dependent and dialect-specific aspects. Journal of Child Language, 41(3), pp. 600-633.

Fowlie publishes chapter in Challenges to Linearization

Meaghan Fowlie has published a book chapter in Challenges to Linearization (Ed. by Biberauer, Theresa / Roberts, Ian), part of the series Studies in Generative Grammar published by Mouton de Gruyter.

The title of the chapter is Multiple multiple spellout (pp. 129-170). One can find the online version here:

Congrats Meaghan!