UCLA Phoneticians at ICPhS 2015 in Glasgow

The quadrennial International Congress of Phonetic Sciences took place in Glasgow, Scotland in early August. UCLA had a strong showing with both current and former members in attendance. The UCLA Phonetics Lab reunion, organized by lab director, Pat Keating, was attended by over 30 current members and alumni.

Pat Keating was also inaugurated as the next president of the International Phonetic Association, becoming the 2nd UCLA phonetician to hold this post and the first woman to do so in the association’s 129-year history. In her inaugural address she laid out plans for the IPA to become a major resource for phonetics education as well as research. Here’s a photo of Pat receiving the handshake of outgoing IPA president John Esling.


Bruce Hayes and Sun-Ah Jun each gave a talk as a Keynote speaker at the joint meeting of ICPP 2015 (International Conference on Phonetics and Phonology 2015) and TaLK (Theoretical Linguistics at Keio) in Tokyo, Japan, in September 25-27, 2015 (http://pj.ninjal.ac.jp/phonology/IntlConference/14_icpp_2015/14_icpp_2015/)

Their talk titles are:

Sun-Ah Jun: “Interactions between word prosody, prominence type, and macro-rhythm”

Bruce Hayes: “Learning-theoretic generative phonetics with maxent: a Hausa example”

The full program of the conference is in http://pj.ninjal.ac.jp/phonology/IntlConference/14_icpp_2015/03_program/

Ann Aly was also a recipient of a Gosta Bruce scholarship to attend the meeting.

Sun-Ah Jun was also a co-organizer of a satellite meeting on the development of an International Prosodic Alphabet. More details can be found here.

See below for talks and posters by current (and some more recent) members of the lab and you can find the full abstract book here.


Adam Chong & James Sneed German (Aix-Marseille Université, LPL, CNRS). Prosodic phrasing and F0 in Singapore English.

Snezhina Dimitrova & Sun-Ah Jun. Pitch accent variability in focus production and perception in Bulgarian declaratives.

Megha Sundara, Monika Molnar (BCBL, Spain) & Sonia Frota (Lisbon). The perception of boundary tones in infancy.


Ann Aly. The multiple prosodic cues differentiating questions and statements in Miami Cuban Spanish.

Jason Bishop (Ph.D. 2013, now at CUNY-CSI/GC), Adam Chong & Sun-Ah Jun. Individual differences in prosodic strategies to sentence parsing.

Robert Daland & Yun Jung Kim (Ph.D. 2015, now at Emory). It is easier to learn the meaning of forms with a canonical stress pattern.

Pat Keating, Marc Garellek (Ph.D. 2013, now at UCSD) & Jody Kreiman (UCLA Head/Neck surgery). Acoustic properties of different kinds of creaky voice.

Kie Zuraw & Sharon Peperkamp (LSCP, CNRS). Aspiration and the gradient structure of English pre-fixed words.

Here are some photos of UCLA lab members from the UCLA reunion at Shandon Belles. Many thanks to Pat Keating for organizing! (courtesy of Kuniko Nielsen ’08):

2015-08-11 21.42.41 2015-08-11 21.43.262015-08-11 21.39.02





Phonologists at 23 MFM

Some of our phonologists made the hop across the pond to Manchester to attend the 23rd annual Manchester Phonology Meeting (or mfm). Jesse Zymet gave a talk: A case for parallelism: reduplicative possessives in Maragoli.

And Brian Smith gave a poster presentation: A unified constraint-based account of the English indefinite article.

Alumnus, Jamie White (Ph.D. 2013, now at UCL) also gave a talk with Suzanne Robillard (U. Ottawa): Variable schwa realization in Canadian French: a MaxEnt grammar approach

Keating at ASA in Pittsburgh

In a bit of old news, the spring meeting of the Acoustical Society of America occurred in Pittsburgh 18 May – 22 May. Pat Keating gave a talk in the special session organized in celebration of Ken Stevens’s contribution to speech communication. She also had a poster presentation together with Jody Kreiman (Head & Neck Surgery, UCLA), Soo Jin Park (Dept. of Electrical Eng., UCLA), Shaghayegh Rastifar (Dept. of Electrical Eng., UCLA) & Abeer Alwan (Dept. of Electrical Eng. UCLA).

The titles of the presentations are listed below:

Pat Keating. Ken Stevens and linguistic phonetics.
Presented in special session at Spring Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, “Celebration of Kenneth N. Stevens’ Contributions to Speech Communication”

Jody Kreiman (Head & Neck Surgery, UCLA), Pat Keating, Soo Jin Park (Dept. of Electrical Eng., UCLA), Shaghayegh Rastifar (Dept. of Electrical Eng., UCLA) & Abeer Alwan (Dept. of Electrical Eng. UCLA). Within-and Between-Talker Variability in Voice Quality in Normal Speaking Situations.

Talks at BUCLD 2014

UCLA linguists and alumni of the department will be giving a number of presentations at the annual Boston University Conference on Language Development this weekend.


18-month-olds compensate for a phonological alternation
Adam Chong (UCLA) and Megha Sundara (UCLA)

Pause Trumps All: A Corpus-Based Study on Prosodic Boundary Cues in Japanese Child-Directed Speech.
B. Ludusan, A. Martin (Ph.D. 2007, now at RIKEN Tokyo), R. Mazuka, A. Cristia, E. Dupoux

Explaining Children’s Wh-In Situ Questions: Against Economy
M. Becker (Ph.D. 2000, now at UNC-Chapel Hill), M. Gotowski (UCLA)

Acquisition of the Korean reflexive pronouns in intra-sentential binding and extra-sentential binding
Kum-Jeong Joo, Kamil Deen (Ph.D. 2002 Applied Ling, now at U. of Hawaii-Manoa), William O’Grady


6-month-olds can segment and decompose morphologically-complex words
Yun Jung Kim (UCLA) and Megha Sundara (UCLA)

Young infants’ discrimination of subtle phonetic contrasts
M. Sundara (UCLA), C. Ngon, K. Skoruppa, N. Feldman, G. Onario, J. Morgan, S. Peperkamp

Overgeneration of indefinite articles in Autism and SLI
Jeannette Schaeffer (Ph.D. 1997, now at U. of Amsterdam), Merel Van Witteloostuijn, Doatske De Haan

Jun gives talk at Hunan University

Sun-Ah Jun writes:

In Oct. 18, 2014, I gave a talk, titled “Prosodic Typology”, at Hunan University in Changsha, China, as one of the four keynote speakers on phonetics. The university was sponsoring two conferences, ICPRLL (International Conference on Phonetic Research and Language Learning) and EPCC (English Phonetic Conference in China). So, I could meet many researchers and students working on language acquisition as well as phonetics. Their website is http://www.icprll2014.org/.  After the conference, I also gave a 3 hour lecture on Intonational Phonology and ToBI to the graduate students and faculty in the Linguistics Department at Hunan University. I was surprised to learn that they were so eager to learn ToBI :-).

UCLA linguists at NELS 45 @ MIT

The 45th annual meeting of the Northeast Linguistics Society (NELS) takes place this weekend at MIT. A number of UCLA linguists (current and former) will be in attendance. You can find their talk or poster titles below! In particular, Kie Zuraw will deliver an invited talk entitled: Phonotactics and alternations in the diachronic development of trochaic shortening in Central Pacific.
Children’s comprehension of syntactically encoded evidentiality
Lauren Winans, Nina Hyams, Jessica Rett (UCLA), Laura Kalin (Ph.D. 2014, now at UConn)
The perceptual basis of the skewed distributions of Japanese palatalized consonants
Yu Tanaka (UCLA)
Explaining children’s Wh-in situ questions: Against economy
Misha Becker (Ph.D. 2000, now at UNC), Megan Gotowski (UCLA)
A new approach to the origin of Germanic strong preterites
Ryan Sandell (UCLA – Indo-European Program), Sam Zukoff (MIT)