UCLA linguistics at NELS47

NELS47 (North East Linguistics Society) met at UMASS Amherst this October.

UCLA was well represented:

Richard Stockwell gave a talk entitled “VP ellipsis with symmetrical predicates”

Jesse Zymet with co-author Jeff Adler (UCSC) gave a talk entitled “Irreducible Parallelism in Process Interactions”

Tim Hunter with co-author David Potter presented a talk called “Distinguishing approaches to island insensitivity”

Isabelle Charnavel  and Dominique Sportiche gave a talk entitled “Icelandic sig: a standard anaphor, after all”

Laura Kalin gave a talk entitled “Dropping the F bomb: An argument for valued features as derivational time bombs”


UCLA Linguists at AMP 2016

UCLA Linguistics was well-represented at this year’s Annual Meeting on Phonology at the University of Southern California.

Invited talk:

Bruce Hayes: Varieties of Noisy Harmonic Grammar


Adam Chong: Examining the lexicon in derived-environment effects: Korean and Turkish


Jeffrey Adler & Jesse Zymet: Irreducible parallelism in process interactions
Eleanor Glewwe: An OT analysis of Efik contrastive verbal reduplication
Ryan Sandell: Phonologically driven allomorph selection and variation in the Sanskrit perfect
Yu Tanaka: The correlation between rendaku and accent in Japanese surnames: A foot-based account
Meng Yang: The role of phonological phrasing in Vietnamese lục bát meter
Anthony Yates: Against root faithfulness in Cupeño stress

A number of UCLA alumni also presented their work at AMP.

UCLA Students at CUSP 9

 Two UCLA linguistics grads presented at CUSP 9 (California Semantics and Pragmatics) that took place between Oct. 21 and 22 at UC Santa Cruz. The titles of the talks were:

T. Hendrik Kim: The relevance of logophoric conditions to the interpretation of the Korean anaphor caki

Daniela Čulinović :’Some’, to a degree

UCLA at LabPhon15

The department was well-represented at the Conference on Laboratory Phonology held at Cornell in July 2016, co-organized by Cornell professor Abby Cohn (PhD 1990). Current and former department members (PhDs, postdocs, faculty, undergrads, visitors) attending and/or with presentations at the conference or at one of its satellite sessions included Ann Aly, Jason Bishop (PhD 2013), Dani Byrd (PhD 1994), Taehong Cho (PhD 2001), Adam Chong, Robert Daland, Ken de Jong (postdoc 1991-93), Cecile Fougeron (visiting student 1993-1996), Louis Goldstein (PhD 1977), Bruce Hayes, Marie Huffman (PhD 1989), Sharon Inkelas (faculty 1989), Keith Johnson (post-doc and faculty 1990-92), Allard Jongman (post-doc 1991), Aaron Kaplan (faculty 2008-09), Pat Keating, Sahyang Kim (PhD 2004), Jianjing Kuang (PhD 2013), Aditi Lahiri (faculty 1983-84), Ian Maddieson (PhD 1977, 1977-1999), Claire Moore-Cantwell (former undergrad), Kuniko Nielsen (PhD 2008), Megan Risdal (MA 2015), Rebecca Scarborough (PhD 2005), Joan Sereno (post-doc 1991), Caroline Smith (faculty 1992-93), James Whang (former undergrad), Colin Wilson (faculty 2000-2008), Nicole Wong (former undergrad), Kristine Yu (PhD 2011), Jie Zhang (PhD 2001), and Jesse Zymet.


Pat and Bruce hosted a UCLA party at Bruce’s parents’ former home in Ithaca, where Bruce took this picture of Colin Wilson, Jie Zhang, Rebecca Scarborough, Kuniko Nielsen, Pat Keating, Jianjing Kuang, Taehong Cho, Kristine Yu, Jason Bishop, Cecile Fougeron, and Marie Huffman:


Speech Prosody 2016 at Boston University

Speech Prosody 2016 was held this year at Boston University from May 31st through June 3rd. A number of UCLA students and graduates were in attendance to present their work.


Sun-Ah Jun (center) joined by some of her UCLA students;(from left to right) Jianjing Kuang, Byron Ahn, Motoko Ueyama, Adam Royer, Kristine Yu, Jason Bishop, and Xing (Elly) Liu


Jianjing Kuang, Yixuan Guo and Mark Liberman: Voice quality as a pitch-range indicator

Rose Hurley and Jason Bishop: Prosodic and individual influences on the interpretation of “only”

Jason Bishop: Individual differences in top-down and bottom-up prominence perception

Darlene Intlekofer and Jason Bishop: The role of prosody in conditioning Tagalog o/u variation

Byron Ahn: The role of syntax in the Nuclear Stress Rule

Motoko Ueyama: Prosodic transfer in L2 relative prominence distribution: The case study of Japanese pitch accent produced by Italian learners

Xing (Elly) Liu and Xiaoxiang Chen: The acquisition of English pitch accents by Mandarin Chinese speakers as affected by boundary tones

Jesse Harris, Sun-Ah Jun and Adam Royer: Implicit prosody pulls its weight: Recovery from garden path sentences

WCCFL 34 at the University of Utah

This past weekend,  The University of Utah hosted The West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. UCLA students and faculty were of those who presented this year.

A linguistic study using social media: Phonotactically-driven rendaku
in surnames, Yu Tanaka, UCLA graduate

Bound tense in Relative Clauses: evidence from VP-ellipsis, Sam
Alxatib, CUNY & Yael Sharvit, UCLA faculty
Partial Cyclicity and Restrictions on Neg-Raising, Frank Staniszewski, UCLA undergraduate

Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Program Awardees

11 of our graduate students have been awarded the Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Program (GSRM), 4 of whom are receiving the GSRM for a second time. The program supports students so that they may pursue a research project with a faculty mentor over the summer, culminating in a paper in the fall.

Awardees will receive $6,000 stipend, and if they present results of the mentored activities at a conference, they will be reimbursed up to $500 toward travel expenses. All travel must occur during the academic year (Oct. 2016-June 2017).

The awardees are:

Jacob Adams, Rachel Jacobson, Hendrick Kim, Travis Major, Iara Mantenuto, Brice Roberts, Adam Royer, Richard Stockwell, Luke West, Deborah Wong, and Meng Yang

Congratulations to all, and good luck with your projects!