UCLA at Acoustical Society of America

The department was well-represented at the Fall meeting of the ASA in Honolulu the week of Nov. 28 2016. Current and former department members (PhDs, postdocs, faculty, undergrads, visitors) attending and/or with presentations at the conference included: Ann Aly, Victoria Anderson (PhD 2000), Dani Byrd (PhD 1994),  Adam Chong,  Keith Johnson (post-doc and faculty 1990-92), Allard Jongman (post-doc 1991),  Sun-Ah Jun,  Sue Banner Inouye (PhD 1995),  Pat Keating,  Jody Kreiman (visiting student 1982-88), Kuniko Nielsen (PhD 2008),  Ho-hsien Pan (visiting scholar 2010),  Adam Royer,  Amy Schafer (post-doc 1998-2001), Diana Van Lancker Sidtis (visiting student and lecturer ~1971-77), Rebecca Scarborough (PhD 2005), Joan Sereno (post-doc 1991), Yu Tanaka, Megha Sundara, Richard Wright (PhD 1996), Jie Zhang (PhD 2001).


Pat organized a UCLA dinner at a local restaurant for 22 who were still in Honolulu after the conference ended. We remembered to take a group photo only after most people had left, but here are Sue Banner Inouye, Victoria Andersen, Pat Keating, and Richard Wright:



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