Korotkova @ Utrecht Institute of Linguistcs OTS (Utrecht University)

Natasha Korotkova recently presented at UIL OTS at Utrecht University. Her talk is entitled: How to embed evidentials.


Friends of Linguistics Meeting tonight!

The Department will be hosting a meeting of the Friends of Linguistics this evening at the UCLA Faculty Center. This year’s speaker is Assoc. Prof. Megha Sundara. See attached flyer for details!

Time:  Friday November 15th, 4 p.m., with post-talk reception.
Place:  the California Room of the Faculty Center


UCLA linguists at BUCLD

The annual Boston University Conference of Language Development took place recently (Nov 1 – 3). UCLA was well represented by a number of talks and posters:
1) Jamie White (Ph.D. 13, now at University of Ottawa): Role of perceptual similarity in the acquisition of phonological alternations: A biased Maximum Entropy learning model

2) Megha Sundara, Yun Jung Kim, Jamie White & Adam Chong: There is no pat in patting: Acquisition of phonological alternations by English-learning 12-month-olds

3) Victoria Mateu: Clitic omission in Spanish-speaking children: Evaluating the roles of competence and performance

4) Robyn Orfitelli (Ph.D. 12, now at University of Iowa): Transfer of null arguments in adult L2 (Poster)